13 April 2005

XML Concepts: Blog Portfolio

Have you ever had a large blog to go through?

There are times when we try to get a feel for a subscription, but don’t really know the range of blogger content.

Maybe one of the blog entries catches our eye. Is there a fast way to get an idea of the range of blogger content: Quality of writing, the ranage of their topics, and the way that they approach subjects?

Blog Evaluation Criteria

Some of the parameters people might use to evaluate a blog might be the following:

  • Style
  • Structure
  • Tone
  • Language
  • Originality
  • Novelty
  • Quality of writing

  • What I’d like to hear: More discussion on are the ways that people evaluate blog content. There are automatic essay-graders that could be used.

    And there are also potential tools that could showcase the range of blog content.

    Clusty and Mooism are two examples of this clustering. The tools essentially cluster or index a single platform into groups. But these tools only focus on topics; they don’t specifically answer the question: “What is the range of this particular blogger’s content.”

    I think there could be some automated tools that would do this.

    XML Blog Portfolio

    Showcasing range of blog content

    What I’d like to see is a single link on websites, or an independent platform that I could upload a blogger’s URL or feed URI and get an analysis of the range of that blogger’s potential.

    Perhaps this tool could be integrated with an aggregator as a pre-subscription screening tool. And perhaps this tool could be integrated with prospective searches to rank blog platforms and subscription content.

    Also, I’d like to be able to take the variety of blog-styles that I have in my blog, and have these aggregated into a single subscription. That way I can pose single link, and then use the Newsgator Online headline tool to showcase the range of blog content that I can provide; this showcasing would be similar to how Clusty or Mooism showcase the blog-categories, but the updates would not be static in a template, but dynamic and changing as I post new information.

    This tool would save time in developing templates. No longer would I have to manually upload specific links to content; rather, the approach would be more automatic like the Newsgator Online Headline generator. Plus, the tool would showcase the full range of topics, not simply highlight the most recent topics. One approach is based on content quality and variety; the current approaches showcase based on time.

    I don’t want to mess with my template. Nor do I want to mess with tags. And I don’t want to have to structure a template to auto-assign blog spots to different groups.

    Rather, I want this tool to find the full spectrum of my content, and constantly keep a special box I assign to “My Portfolio” up to date with the full range that I offer.

    I don’t want to manage this; I want the tool to highlight what I’ve got and allow users to extract a feed, index my portfolio, and have a means to compare my portfolio to others. This would allow there to be some comparison, and a better evaluation of how bloggers compare, their potential, and also what they can actually deliver.

    Ideally this would be automated, could integrate with feed-screening tools, and help me rank the blogs and feeds so that I can tailor my reading to the quality I like.