25 September 2006

Multi-URI Search Tool

Ever noticed how a search engine like Google or Yahoo spits out information?

There's just a list. Yahoo and AksJeeves have the option to sign-up feed with a click.

However, this can be kind of annoying: I'd rather skim through data, save links, and then later spend time doing the upload.

Ideally, what would be nice is if there was a multi-search feature which would automatically convert any URL I get in a search engine to a URI; and this could be seamlessly cached, then uploaded to the aggregator.

It would work this way:

1. Conduct search

2. Produce result

3. User does a mouse over, highlighting the URL, or simply click on a button.

4. Clicking on the searched URI would automatically convert that URI into an RSS-XML friendly URI, and then have it automatically integrated through the browser into the aggregator.

5. After I did that search, and select the items, I could quickly put them in a folder, name it, throw it into the aggregator, and then start searching again.

6. As I did other searches, I should be able to retrieve the original searches, reference them and either modify my subsequent searches; or retroactively adjust the saved-URIs so they are consistent with what I'm narrowing in on.

A multi search in a search engine should be able to convert search results into URIs, and I should be able to quickly save them with simply one or two clicks, then get back to searching again. Less time transferring URIs means more time creating new content.